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Welcome to our website that is out to make the best bmw performance parts you can get. We specialize in e30 parts and s30 parts. Our goal is to make these classic cars a threat to the super car world. We dedicate to provide bmw parts to the people who build their BMWs with pride, to those who build with no boundaries, to those who want to compete with the best and to those who see no limits in what they can build in their own garage. We have the parts to allow you to build your super car! Althought we specialize in e30 parts and s30 parts, we also carry bmw parts of all kinds: 2002 parts, e36 parts, and e46 parts.

What is garagistic?

The name garagistic, derives from the Italian word garagisti that was first uttered from the mouth of Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari in the 1950s. It was used as an insult to describe the upstart British racing teams such as, McLaren. It describes how Britain’s racing cars were built in their sheds or garages instead of big expensive shops those Italian manufacturers occupied. Garagist: the garage teams.

At the time, garagisti was intended towards a man with the name of Ron Dennis who was part owner and CEO of McLaren who dropped out of school to work in a garage.

From then on, "garage teams" has had an immense super-car chip on their shoulder that equals the ego of a super-car owner.

We wear the garagistic name with pride by building our super-cars from our own garages, intending to take out exotics.

Are you proud to be garagistic?

e30 m60 swap

Some of our services:

Would you like to be able to align your e30, e24, or e28? Camber and toe brackets available!

We offer complete rear camber and toe subframe services for your classic bmw. If your ready to overhaul the complete rear subframe and suspension or just want to restore/change the geometery of your alignment, we can help you. Our kits and services are compatiable with e30, e24, e28 and z3 units. Below are our adjustable and reinforced subframes.

e30 e24 e28 z3 adjustable rear subframes

e30 adjustable subframe

E30 swap bar spacer are now here!

As we mentioned on our official facebook page (add us! http://www.facebook.com/garagistic) earlier this week, sway bar spacers for your e30 are now here. This is a custom cnc bmw part that helps with clearance with M20 long tube headers, 24v swap (especially long tube headers), euro SS, etc etc. Once installed it does not need to be removed if working on the car. It works with OEM bmw parts. The stock bmw bushing and clamp. These will change sway bar geometry so it is best to also get adjustable endlinks for the swaybar to adjust preload (we can also supply these).


e30 performance part sway bar spacers


M60 V8 swap kit for your e30 and e36 BMW now available!

We now pretty much give you everything you need to complete the swap. Everything from the e30 brake booster delete, to the m6x motor mounts to the rpm module. We have the solution for you to get your v8 e30 beast up and running in no time! Our kit utilizes mostly stock bmw parts for the e30 v8 swap. That makes this e30 swap a bit cheaper since the custom parts are kept to a minumum.

e30 performance parts m60 swap kit

BMW E30 Rear Subframe Camber or Toe Correction brackets

Our e30 camber and toe correction kits include 4 brackets. This is enough to do either camber or toe. You need to order 2 kits to make the rear subframe fully adjustable for both camber AND toe. The subframe has 8 mounts (2 mounts on outside and 2 mounts on each wheel) . So to correct camber the brackets go on the inner mounts (closest to diff), and toe would go to the outer mounts (closest to the wheels). The camber brackets (inner tabs) should be welded with the slots going up and down. The toe bracket (outer tabs) slots should be horizontal. Utilizes bmw parts (hardware is all OEM bmw).

BMW E30 Rear Subframe Camber or Toe Correction brackets

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What do we specialize in? BMW performance parts

Garagistic specializes in extreme bmw performance parts, e30 parts, e46 parts, bmw motor swaps, and brake components for the Datsun, s30, and various BMW chassis: e30, e36, e21, e46 and 2002. We also specialize in everything from bmw V8 conversions to brake kits and are always developing new components to make your car an extreme machine that will strike fear in exotics!

Be sure to check back soon!


White e30 bmws